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Discover O Grove

This beautiful fishing town is located in the heart of the Galician Rías Baixas, a stunning setting of beaches and nature. The O Grove Peninsula is an ideal destination for a fantastic holiday in Galicia.

Hotel Noyesa


O Grove has 6 miles of beaches and coves, many of them, such as A Lanzada, Raeiros and Area Grande, with the Blue Flag awarded by the European Union for their high standards of quality. The closest beach to the hotel is Peralto, located in the town city by the port, just 500 yards away.

Hotel Noyesa


O Grove stands out for its excellent tourism and leisure offer. As well as having a large number of restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs, in the peninsula you can enjoy different sports (snorkelling, surfing, boat rides, horse riding and golf) and cultural activities, such as the famous Seafood Festival, visiting the Museum da Salga and other exhibitions, attending concerts or discovering the Adro Vello Necropolis.

Hotel Noyesa


O Grove is paradise for nature and active tourism lovers, offering many hiking routes such as the “Ruta dos Lagarteiros” and “PR-G116 Rota do Con Negro-Arte ao Natural” trails as well as different wooden paths that are perfect for a relaxing stroll. One of its most outstanding natural spaces is Ensenada de O Vao, one of Galicia’s most famous wetlands; A Bodeira Lagoon or the dunes of A Lanzada, Raeiros, Area da Cruz and Area Grande.

Hotel Noyesa

Island of La Toja

Located a 20-minute walk from both Noyesa hotels, this island is one of the most famous in Galicia. The island is home to different spas, a casino, a golf course, the marina, a congress centre and a shopping centre among other attractions.

Hotel Noyesa


Thanks to their strategic location in the region of Sainés, the two Noyesa hotels are the ideal starting point for trips and excursions around Galicia thanks to their excellent transport connections with different Galician tourist destinations such as Pontevedra, Vigo, Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Cíes Islands, Ons Island, Cambados, the Albariño Route, Combarro…

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